On the Issues

Below is a list of many of the things that HubBucket Inc ("HubBucket") Supports

HubBucket Inc ("HubBucket") Supports:

1. Integrity
2. Ethics
3. Human Rights
4. Humanitarian Aid
5. Civil Rights
6. Critical Race Theory - CRT
7. Equal Rights
8. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion - DEI
9. Voting Rights
10. Common Sense Gun Laws
11. Women's Rights
12. Reproductive Rights, e.g., Abortion, Birth Control, etc.
13. Pro-Choice
14. LGBTQIA Rights
15. LGBTQIA Anti-Harassment Policies
16. LGBTQIA Non-Discrimination Policies
17. LGBTQIA Care Plans, i.e., Healthcare, Life Insurance, etc.
18. LGBTQIA Gender Transition Surgery
19. LGBTQIA Marriage
20. LGBTQIA Child Adoption and Surrogacy
21. Disability Rights
22. Worker / Labor Rights
23. Worker / Labor Unions
24. Children's Rights
25. Veterans' Rights
26. Public Education
27. Funding Public Education
28. Funding Public Education Teachers
29. Universal Healthcare
30. Renewable Energy
31. Sustainability
32. U.S. Constitution
33. U.S. National Security
34. U.S. Homeland Security

Everyone at HubBucket Inc ("HubBucket") openly accepts and acknowledges that all people are Human, and all people are create equal, regardless of the differences in their physical appearance, height, weight, shade of skin (skin color), hair color, eye color, etc., mental aptitude, education, wealth, income, religious beliefs, political ideology, political affiliation, nationality, language, sex, sexual orientation, etc.

Everyone at HubBucket Inc ("HubBucket") accepts the Scientific Facts that there are NO races among our Human Species, and that the colors Black and White DO NOT exist in our Human Species, only various shades of Brown and Pink. Everyone is Human, and everyone belongs to our Human Species.

Last Updated: Tuesday, June 21, 2022