HubBucket Inc Science and Technology Research and Development

HubBucket Inc ("HubBucket")

Science and Technology Research and Development - R&D

Our Science and Technology, Research and Development - R&D is focused on Designing and Developing Innovative Technology that help Healthcare Providers, Scientists, and Policy-Makers "Save Lives"

  • HubBucket Inc ("HubBucket") is Self-Funded / Bootstrapped.
  • HubBucket Inc ("HubBucket") is Privately-Held (Not Publicly Traded).
  • HubBucket inc ("HubBucket") is an African American Founded and Owned company.
  • HubBucket Inc ("HubBucket") is a U.S. Navy Veteran Founded and Owned company.
  • HubBucket Inc ("HubBucket") is located in Brooklyn, NY (USA).

HubBucket Inc ("HubBucket") has a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY towards White Collar Crime / Fraud, Racism, Prejudice, Stereotyping, Hate Crimes, Sexism, Sexual Harassment, Rape, Child Molestation / Child Rape, Child Marriage, Child Pornography, Sex Trafficking,  Labor Trafficking, Human Enslavement, Xenophobia, Homophobia, Genocide, Eugenics, Propaganda, Pseudoscience, Fake News, and all other crimes against Humanity.

Our Science and Technology, Research and Development - R&D helps:

1. Improve Healthcare Delivery
2. Expand Healthcare Delivery
3. Improve Interoperability in Healthcare
4. Improve Data Protection in Healthcare
5. Improve Cyber Security in Healthcare
6. Improve Healthcare Quality
7. Improve Patient Engagement
8. Reduce Healthcare Staff Burnout
9. Improve Diagnoses and Treatments
10. Find Cures and Treatments for various Diseases
11. Prevent the Spread of various Diseases
12. Improve Public Health
13. Improve Population Health

We deliver technology solutions and IT (Information Technology) infrastructure support services for a range of data and workload requirements, enabling Healthcare Providers, e.g., Hospitals and Clinics, etc., to focus more on the delivery of high-quality healthcare, and less time on the technology they use.

Furthermore, we design and develop technology that assist Scientists in Life Sciences and Applied Science organizations, that improve and accelerate their work, and enables them to easily adapt to evolving regulatory requirements.

We leverage existing technology and innovate upon it:

1. We use various Open Source technologies from The Apache Software Foundation - ASF, and other Open Source technologies in our research and development.
2. In addition, we leverage various Cloud (Cloud Computing) Service Providers - CSP products and services in our R&D.

The majority of our technology is integrated with one or more of the following:

1. Artificial Intelligence - AI
2. Machine Learning - ML
3. Deep Learning
4. Computer Vision
5. Machine Vision
6. Natural Language Processing - NLP
7. Natural Language Understanding - NLU
8. Natural Language Generation - NLG
9. Neural Machine Translation - NMT/MT

We ensure that our products and services meet the standards set by:

1. The United States Food and Drug Administration - FDA
2. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability - HIPPA
3. Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act - HITECH
4. and other regulatory compliance standards

HubBucket Inc Science and Technology Research and Development

Biomedical Science
Biomedical Research
Biomedical Engineering
Biomedical Technology
Molecular Biomarkers

Medical Imaging / Radiology
Magnetic Resonance Imaging - MRI
Computed Tomography Scan - CT/CAT
Positron Emission Tomography - PET/CT
Screening Mammography
Diagnostic Mammography
3D Mammography
DEXA Bone Density
Breast MRI

Software Architecture
Software Engineering
Progressive Web Applications - PWA
Mobile Applications Design
Mobile Application Development
Website Design
Website Development
User Interface - UI
User Experience - UX


Data Analytics
Health Analytics
Medical Analytics
Clinical Health Analytics
Clinical Health Research Analytics

Cloud Computing
Public Cloud
Private Cloud
Hybrid Cloud
Edge Computing
Secure Access Service Edge - SASE

Health Informatics
Nursing Informatics
Clinical Informatics
Clinical Research Informatics

Clinical Decision Support - CDS Systems
Patient Portals
Robotic Process Automation - RPA

Data Science
Data Engineering
Data Lakes
Data Lakehouse
Data Warehouse
Data Analytics
Big Data Analytics
Data Visualization
Business Intelligence - BI
Data Dashboards
Big Data Engineering
Data Storage (SAN, NAS, etc)
Systems Engineering (LAN, WAN, MAN, etc)
Network Engineering (LAN, WAN, MAN, etc)
Mobile Network Engineering
Radio Access Network - RAN

Digital Health Technology - DigitalHealth
Health Information Technology - HealthIT/HIT
Health Technology - HealthTech
Medical Technology - MedTech
Mobile Health Technology - mHealth
Wearable Health Technology - Wearables

Artificial Intelligence - AI
Machine Learning - ML
Deep Learning
Computer Vision
Machine Vision
Natural Language Process - NLP
Natural Language Understanding - NLU
Natural Language Generation - NLG
Neural Machine Translation - MT/NMT
Algorithms and Models
Algorithm Training Data Ethics

Clinical Science
Medical Education
Healthcare Education
Medical Research