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Health Information Technology - HealthIT
Health Information Technology - HealthIT

We use a variety of Proprietary technology and Open Source technology, that is coupled with Cloud-based services from various Cloud-Service Providers - CSPs, in order to conduct our technology research and development. In addition we also design and develop some of the tools and software that we use in our technology research and development - R&D.

HubBucket develops intelligent Healthcare and Medical applications and systems.

Our HubMedX department and ProsumerSoft division develop intelligent applications and systems for Medical Imaging:

ProsumerSoft - Cognitive Computing for Medical Imaging

HubMedX - Artificial Intelligence - AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms and models for Medical Imaging

Health Information Technology - HealthIT

HubBucket Inc ("HubBucket") is a Technology, Research and Development corporation, located in New York City - NYC.

We focus on the design and development of innovative technology for Healthcare Providers and Medical Researchers.

Our technologies are integrated with one or more of the following depending on the requirements:

  • Artificial Intelligence - AI
  • Cognitive Computing - ProsumerSoft R&D Division
  • Machine Learning - ML
  • Deep Learning - DL
  • Artificial Neural Networks - ANN
  • Computer Vision
  • Machine Vision
  • Natural Language Processing - NLP
  • Natural Language Understanding - NLU
  • Neural Machine Translation - NMT
  • Algorithms and Models
  • Virtual Reality - VR
  • Augmented Reality - AR
  • Mixed Reality - MR
  • Blockchain Technology

PLEASE NOTE: The Blockchain Technology we develop is for Healthcare Providers and Medical Research organizations.

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