About HubBucket

HubBucket Inc ("HubBucket") is a U.S. based technology, research and development - R&D corporation. We focus on developing innovative technology for Healthcare Providers, e.g., Hospitals, Clinics, Intensive Care Units - ICUs, Physicians, Radiologist, Nurses, Emergency Medical Technicians - EMT, etc.

We are focused on develop technology that help Healthcare Providers save lives, reduce Clinician burn-out, reduce cost, increase revenue, increase efficiency, and streamline workflow. We do this by developing Artificial Intelligence - AI, Machine Learning - ML and Deep Learning algorithms and models, then integrating those into modern Healthcare and Medical technology.

Furthermore, we provide an array of IT consulting services, coupled with providing IT contractor services, in order to modernize Healthcare Providers' IT infrastructure, and applications.

Our company name was created by Mr. Rosenchild. He combined the name of two of the many Version Control Systems, GitHub and Bitbucket, and formed the name, HubBucket.

HubBucket was founded in 2016, by Mr. VonVictor V. Rosenchild.

Mr. Rosenchild is a U.S. Navy Cryptology Veteran, who has decades of Information Technology - IT management and support experience. He has worked in the Public and Private sectors, and has held the positions of CTO, CIO, CISO, VP of IT, Senior Systems Engineer, Senior Software Developer, etc.

Mr. Rosenchild has international business experience, both working in the U.S. government, and in the private sector, for various multi-international corporations He has worked and lived in 8 countries, and he has traveled on business to 64 countries.