About HubBucket

HubBucket Inc ("HubBucket") is a Research and Development - R&D privately-held corporation, with a vision to expand our Human Species' understanding and appreciation of planet Earth, our Solar System, the Universe, the Multiverse, and beyond. Society benefits from the pursuit of new knowledge - the more we understand planetary systems and star forming regions, the more we understand our own planet.

HubBucket's primary purposes are to (a) provide a place where scientists can be most productive and develop important research ideas, (b) share the joy of science and educate communities nationwide, (c) support and promote Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion - DEI in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics - STEM fields, (d) conduct research that enhances and expands knowledge in various fields in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics - STEM, (e) design, develop, invent, and innovate technology that supports scientific exploration and discovery.

At HubBucket Inc ("HubBucket") we believe that the future of Space Science (and discovery and invention in general) in the United States of America (USA) depends heavily on:

1. Integrity and Ethics
2. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion - DEI
3. U.S. Democracy and the Rule of Law
4. Human Rights
5. Civil Rights
6. Equal Rights
7. Voting Rights
8. Women's Rights
9. Disability Rights
10. LGBTQIA / LGBTQ+ Rights
11. Veterans Rights
12. Labor / Worker Rights
13. Affordable Quality Education
14. A Strong Research Infrastructure
15. A Scientifically Literate Populace that Supports Investment in Research and Development - R&D
16. A pipeline for future Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics - STEM education professional

Founder, Chairman, President/CEO

HubBucket Inc ("HubBucket") was founded in New York State (NYS) om 2016 by Mr. VonVictor Valentino Rosenchild. Mr. Rosenchild is a U.S. Navy Cryptology Veteran, who also has decades of professional Information Technology - IT experience, having held the roles of CTO, CIO, CISO, COO, Sr. Principal Project Manager, Sr. Project Manager, Project Manager, Director of Information Technology - IT, Director of Information Technology Service Management - ITSM, Sr. Systems Engineer, Sr. Network Engineer, Sr. Software Engineer, Sr. Data Engineer, Sr. Data Collection Forensics Investigator, etc.