Legal Information

HubBucket Inc. ("HubBucket")

HubBucket Inc. ("HubBucket") is an Interdisciplinary Science and Technology, Research and Development - R&D corporation.

HubBucket Inc. ("HubBucket") is a Minority ("African American") and U.S. Navy Veteran ("Veteran") founded and owned corporation.

Hubbucket Inc. ("HubBucket") is a privately-held, U.S. based corporation, located in the state of New York.

HubBucket Inc. ("HubBucket") is a Self-Funded ("Bootstrapped") corporation. Bootstrapping a company means growing a business with little or no Venture Capital - VC or outside investment.

VonVictor Valentino Rosenchild
Founder, Chairman, President and, CEO
HubBucket Inc. | New York, NY


Corporate Address:

HubBucket Inc.
287 Decatur Street
Brooklyn, NY 11233, USA

Corporate Phone: +1 347-362-9559

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