Open Source License and Compliance

Open Source components are free to use, but they come with a license which you have to comply with to avoid legal and business risks.

HubBucket Inc ("HubBucket") has developed an Open Source License Manager that helps us solve these issues. our Open Source License Manager also known as OSLM is a Cloud-based, Software as a Service - SaaS product with on-premise option that takes less than an hour get full Open Source analysis of our software.

Open Source License Manager - OSLM

Our OSLM solution automatically and continuously identifies all the Open Source components in our software and then cross-reference it against the OSLM’s comprehensive database, which contains all the most up-to-date Open Source community libraries. Our OSLM enable us to set up a compliance policy for our company and get Real-Time alerts when a component with a problematic license is added to our code.

In addition to that, it provides full control and visibility of all Open Source components in our software, and at any given time we can know exactly which licenses we need to comply with.

Which Open Source licenses are we using at HubBucket?

With more than 200 different Open Source licenses out there, each with its own terms and conditions, some copy-left (viral), some permissive, some permissive with strings, and others with no Open Source license at all (for which default copyright laws apply), coupled with the fact that we have projects that span the spectrum of Healthcare and Medical technology, we have little choice but to use a variety of Open Source licenses.