The HubBucket Diversity and Inclusion Network

All of the teams at HubBucket get tremendous value from our Diversity and Inclusion Networks. Apart from an opportunity to learn and benchmark with peers, the research that HubBucket shares through in-person meetings, webinars, and the HubBucket Community are absolutely spectacular!

What is workplace diversity?

Workplace diversity is understanding, accepting, and valuing differences between people including those:

  • of different races, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientation, nationalities, ages, religions, disabilities, and sexual orientations
  • with differences in education, personalities, cultures, skill-sets, experiences, and knowledge bases

What is inclusion?

Inclusion is a collaborative, supportive, and respectful environment that increases the participation and contribution of all employees at all levels within our organization.

What are diversity and inclusion?

Diversity and inclusion are a company’s mission, strategies, and practices to support a diverse workplace and leverage the effects of diversity to achieve a competitive business advantage.

Diversity and Inclusion Best Practices

A survey of 330 HR executives by Professor Roberson found that diversity and inclusion best practices include:

  • fair treatment
  • equal access to opportunity
  • teamwork and collaboration
  • a focus on innovation and creativity
  • organizational flexibility, responsiveness, and agility
  • conflict resolution processes that are collaborative
  • evidence of leadership’s commitment to diversity (e.g., appointing a Chief Diversity / Equality Officer)
  • representation of diversity at all levels of the organization
  • representation of diversity among internal and external stakeholders
  • diversity education and training

The interesting thing to note is that employees perceive their company as diverse and inclusive based on practices that aren’t even directly related to diversity such as a focus on innovation and creativity.

These Best Practices are the ones that are desired by everyone in the workplace.

Diversity and Inclusion Strategies

Some of the key strategies of Bersin by Deloitte’s Diversity and Inclusion Framework include:

  • Creating a focus and strategy at the CEO/COO/CHRO level
  • Assigning a top executive the responsibility for leading and sponsoring the diversity and inclusion program
  • Creating behavioral standards and holding leaders accountable for results
  • Training people at all levels on topics like unconscious bias
  • Integrating diversity and inclusion strategies in recruitment, performance management, leadership assessment, and training
  • Creating employee networks (e.g, employee resource groups, community outreach groups)

Creating an externally visible scorecard to measure progress including metrics for recruiting, promotion rates, compensation levels, turnover, participation in ERGs, and supplier diversity

HubBucket Inc. ("HubBucket") we are committed to ensuring that we maintain a Diverse and Inclusive workplace, that supports:

  • Human Rights
  • Civil Rights
  • Equal Rights
  • LGBTQ Rights
  • Rights for People with Disabilities


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