Organizational Informatics

The focus of Organizational Informatics is ensuring a smooth flow of communication within a Healthcare organization.

Organizational or Organizational Informatics is fundamentally interested in the application of information, information systems and ICT within organizations of various forms including private sector, public sector and voluntary sector organizations. When we focus solely upon the private sector organization we are engaging with business informatics. Organizational Informatics could also be seen as a sub-discipline of Social Informatics.

Organizational informatics is interested not in ICT, information systems, information and organizations in isolation but in their interaction and in the effects that emerge from such interaction. As such, the area draws much of its analytic focus from the concept of system and the application

of systemics. Three types of organizational system and their interaction are considered: activity systems, information systems and ICT systems.

Organizational informatics also builds its conception of the relationship between three types of organizational system around a detailed consideration of the concept of information. Hence the concept of information system is central to the area.

Business organizations are considered as systems of activity which rely on systems of information. Within the modern business, information systems, in turn rely on systems of technology, particularly systems of information and communication technology (ICT). The distinctions between these three types of business system are as follows:

An activity system is a logical collection of activities performed by some group of people in pursuit of some goal. The key output of an organizational activity system is therefore activity or action. Another term now used as a synonym for an activity system is organizational or business process.

An information system is a system of communication between people. Information systems are systems involved in the gathering, processing, distribution and use of information. The key output of an information system is clearly information which is used to support activity systems in organizations.

An ICT system is an organized collection of hardware, software, data and communication technology designed to support aspects of some information system. An ICT system outputs data for interpretation as information within some activity system.