HubBucket General Counsel

HubBucket’s General Counsel examines and draft IT, employment, real estate and vendor contracts, manage copyrights and trademarks, and preserve business records such as minutes of meetings and resolutions.

HubBucket’s General Counsel is responsible for the negotiation and management of customer contracts, insurance matters and employee relations.

HubBucket’s General Counsel ensures legal compliance regarding Mergers and Acquisitions – M&A activity, labeling, employee safety and consumer protection.

HubBucket’s General Counsel oversees compliance with corporate governance, and establish the prudence of defending lawsuits and prosecuting.

General Counsel Responsibilities:

  • Advising executive, senior management and board on various matters such as legal rights, and new and existing laws.
  • Managing organization’s legal matters.
  • Examining and creating draft agreements, such as employment and vendor agreements.
  • Maintaining knowledge of organization’s operations and legal documents.
  • Conducting legal research and reviewing company’s litigation strategy pertaining to legal actions.
  • Promulgating and creating directives of corporate acts and decisions.
  • Preserving all corporate records.
  • Handling statutory filings, such as licensing forms.
  • Liaising with outside counsel regarding their assignments.
  • Creating new entities and managing organization’s intellectual property.